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Ms. Anna, a Chinese American was born in China in 1943.

Ms. Anna studied opera singing at the Department of Vocal Music from The Central Conservatory of Music, a prestigious leading music school in China. She has not only been singing, but also teaching vocal music and performing art for more than 40 years. Her students include vocal art professors and leading Chinese professional singers. She has published academic papers in national musical journals. After she came to New York, she continues her career as Dean of the academy of art, a consultant for TV broadcasting, and a music art director. She taught vocal art, broadcasting, and physical performance in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Francisco, and New Jersey. She trained TV anchors, TV hosts, Troupe hosts, and reporters for organizations and companies.
Practical Body Language(Kinesics) Art is a unique art subject that is founded by Ms. Anna based on her decades of art education career.  Her teaching has been highly reviewed by students and professionals who actually benefit a lot from her lectures. Thousands of her students spread all over the world and USA including professional singers and dancers, as well as elites from different industries: doctors, teachers, government staff, lawyers, managers, collectors, business owners, housewives, campus students, etc. She got high reviews from almost every single student who thought Practical Body Language Art elevated their life and career to a different level.


Now, in order to give more people the opportunity to learn the "Practical Art Kinesics" course, Ms. Anna has made all the courses into a series of videos for predestined people to watch, learn, and jointly discuss "Kinesics" topic. In the meantime, Ms. Anna decided to continue to teach classes in-person to serve and contribute to society.

The following witnesses are from some of the students:

As far as I was concerned through her lesson, being a human, born with kind nature, including self-cultivation and the whole world view has been improved obviously, which is called a “huge leap of wisdom”. My spine used to be deformed badly, however, I've got great benefits from the pursuit of spirit other than physical therapy through her lesson. I have nothing to express my feelings but appreciation

​Lili Yan, Businesswoman

“Ms. Anna's human kinesics course has positive effects for people with modern lifestyles, the daily presentation during work and life has improved substantially after her training.“

Weisi Yan,Doctor of Medicine

When I learned that Ms. Anna would start classes in California, the first thought that came to mind was: Californians are so lucky. I know she prefers to live a quiet life and does not want to teach too much. This is a loss to the students however since she has a rich teaching experience. For her to be in seclusion is a bit too wasteful. Back in New York, everyone for her to teach. Whether her courses are of anatomy, personal cultivation, music knowledge, any aspect. As long as you study hard, master the correct method. You will benefit a lot. You will also learn things outside of books. Ms. Anna doesn’t beat around the bush, will patiently correct the problems of the students, and wishes improvement among all her students as soon as possible. She is a practical and exceptional teacher. The hectic pace of modern life causes bad habits to develop subconsciously. Beauty, health, and poise are inseparable. If you are interested, you may wish to come and try!


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